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3,4 and 5 Star Hotels Best In Pangandaran

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Hotel has an important role in a objek travel, many tourists who imprison again show his vacation just in these sights is no hotel as a place to rest after a day of play, five-star Hotel in Pangandaran is a hotel that so many target of many tourists both local and abroad for Hotel star 3.4 and 5 have complete facilities, luxurious, nice and would be memusakan when you menginepnya, if you are in need of Pangandaran 3.4 star hotels and 5 star then do not worry karena the issue has been resolved many, star hotels well on the east coast or the west coast of Pangandaran Pangandaran, the hotel hotel deliberately built so that guests will easily access to places of tourist places and centers in Pangandaran.Berikut several star Hotels in Pangandaran:

1. Sunrise Beach Pangandaran << Order Here >>

hotel sunrise beach pangandaran Sunrise Beach Pangandaran Hotel is a 3-star hotel is located on the East Coast Pangandaran, located in Jalan Kidang Pananjung No. 185.Sunrise Beach has a strategic location makes it easy to reach places of entertainment such as Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Nature Reserve as well as the views of the beach in the morning as well as the activities of the fishermen Pangandaran.hotel this one has a natural concept, with friendly service and polite membaut you will be comfortable and calm, in the hotel's terrace you can breathe fresh oxygen-rich air makes your body fit to indent berbaagai commensal aktipitas vacation,
Sunrise Beach Hotel has complete facilities including:
2. AC in All Rooms
3. Local Direct Phone
4. Internation Direct Phone
5. Refrigerator
6. Mini bar
7. TV Parabola
8. Cold and Hot Water
9. Private Bathroom
10. 24 Hours Service
11. Swimming Pool
12. Safety Box
13. Restaurant and Bar
Hotel sunrise beach Pangandaran memiiki room with type-type diantaranga

1. Standard Rp. 650000-700000 This room is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, and bathroom shower

2. Deluxe Rp. 750000-750000 This room is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, and a bathroom shower.

3. Super Deluxe (Family) at a price of Rp. 1000000-1000000 These rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, and bathroom shower with a choice of rooms with views of the beach or garden

4. Super Executive (Family) at a price of Rp. 1300000-1300000 These rooms are equipped with air conditioning / air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator and bathroom Shower, With a view of the patio rooms East Coast Pangandaran

5. Super bungalows at a price of Rp. 1.900.000 Sqm Air-conditioned bungalow choices of houses with 3 bedrooms. Both has a seating area in the terrace. It is fitted with a cable TV, minibar and dining area. The bathroom has a shower and free toiletries.

6. Super Family at a price of Rp. 2,100,000 Sqm, Spacious 2-bedroom suite comes with a seating area in the private terrace, outdoor jacuzzi or private pool and is fitted with a TV, minibar with fridge and dining area. The en suite bathroom has a hairdryer, shower and free toiletries.
Note to the issue price in the offer at any time can be changed.

2. Krisna Beach Hotel Pangandaran << Book Disni Hotel in Pangandaran >>

hotel krisna pangandaranKrisna Hotel is located in West Coast Road No. 21 Pangandaran - Ciamis, West Java 46 396, Phone: (0265) 639 100 - (0265) 639 200, Fax: (0265) 631 010, Email: krisnabeachhotel @, and Website: www.krisnabeachhotel .com.hotel offers a different look with other hotelhotel, the hotel is equipped with star hotel facilities, with the slogan "to be different with star amenities" .Krisna Beach Hotel comes with the concept to pamper guests.

Facilities owned by the hotel is quite complete, including playground beachside hotel in the area itself, swimming pool, meeting rooms which can accommodate +/- 50 participants, stage music, and much more means - the means intended to spoil the guests.
Krisna Beach Hotel has complete facilities, luxurious and nice, including the
a. 24 Hour room service
b. coffe shop
c. swimming poll
d. music stage
e. Elevator
f. Parking
g. view Beach

In addition to having full facilities of the hotel which has a different kind of room types to find them anyway bebeda

1) Standart Room is equipped with 1 BED facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 500000-600000

2) Double Standard equipped with 2 BEDS facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 600000-700000

3) Superior Twin is equipped with 2 BEDS facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 650000-750000

4) Deluxe is equipped with 2 BEDS facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 700000-800000

5) Executive is equipped with 2 BEDS facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 850000-1050000

6) Executive Suite is equipped with 2 BEDS facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER tawrkan rates in USD. 1050000-1350000

7) Extra bed 100.000 / 150.000

3.Hotel Malabar Pangandaran << Order Here >>

If you and your family are already planning for a vacation to Pangandaran Beach, aka I recommend stay at the Malabar Hotel, located at 128 West Coast Road Pamugaran, to get to this hotel you can access through the door and then take the tour west coast left more or less 500 meters, the hotel facing directly onto the beach is wide scenery, surfing, sunset view, and foreign tourist activity seen disana.Hotel Malabar offers comfort for you and your family while on vacation in Pangandaran beach, the hotel has a mini pool for your family who do not like swimming in the sea.

Hotel Malabar has a five-star hotel facilities include

a. 24 Hour room service
b. view Beach
c. Meeting room
d. restaurant
e. swimming poll
f. Parking
g. Wi Fi - Free / Wi Fi in Public Areas

In addition to convenient amenities this hotel is divided into several types such kmaarnya

1. Ecomonic, equipped with facilities FAN, TV fare on offer Rp.275.000

2. STANDARD, equipped with DOUBLE BED facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT / COOL WATER fare on offer Rp. 375.000

3. DELUXE, equipped with facilities DOUBLE / SINGLE BED, AC, TV, HOT / COOL WATER fare on offer Rp. 475.000

4. FAMILY SUITE DELUXE, equipped with facilities 2 ROOM, LIVING ROOM, AC, TV, HOT / COOL WATER, SMALL KITCHEN fare on offer Rp875,000


6. FAMILY SUITE SUPERIOR equipped with facilities 3 ROOM, lving ROOM, C, TV, HOT / COOL WATER, SMALL KITCHEN, DISPENSER, REFRIGERATOR, BATHTUB fare is on offer Rp. 1,250,000

Hotel Malabar apart from having a common faslitas as the hotel's pool is also equipped with various types of water rides or waterpark, maybe not so much to have them. That is so the appeal of Hotel Malabar in the West Coast region, In addition to an outdoor pool, a waterslide park into a mini-waterpark rides mainstay of this hotel. There is also a water drum are ready spilled hundreds of liters of water into the pool Hotel Malabar. 

4.Hotel Aquarium Pangandaran << Order Here >>

Aquqrium Hotel is located in the West Coast No. 87 Pangandaran, Tel. (0265) 639088, Aquarium Hotel Pangandaran is a simple and clean hotel in Pangandaran, quite close to the shops and pantai.Sesuai with his name on this hotel there is a pleasant swimming pool which is handy if you do not like to swim in the sea.The inimempunyai strategic layout makes the hotel Aquarium in interest by the tourists who visit to Pangandaran beach, located at the southern end Pangandaran beach near the Nature Reserve, and White Sand Sea Travel object other than that adjacent to shops menjul typical accessories Pangandaran.Di the southern end of Pangandaran Hotel Aquarium stands and awaits visitors come to visit alias stay.

Aquarium hotel is an answer for those who like a vacation to the beach, but were afraid to swim at the beach, Aquarium Hotel Pangandaran is a wise choice for you if you are or may be planning a visit to Pangandaran, why is that? yes because Pangandaran Hotel Aquarium has a pool that can be used it is an option if you do not like to swim in the sea.

Existing facilities at Hotel Aquarium include:

1. Doubel / Single Bed
2. Breakfast
3. Swimming Pool
4. Function Room
5. Living Room
6. Small Kitchen
7. AC
8. TV
9. Hot Water
10. Dispenser

Hotel quarium have to share the room types including:

a) (2) FAMILY SUITE ROOMS with a price / Rates: Rp. 900.000,00, facilities available in this room there are 2 ROOMS, 2 BED, AC, TV, HOT WATER, KITCHEN, DISPENSER

b) (4) DELUXE ROOMS with / Rates: Rp. 550,000 facilities that are in this room is 2 BED, AC, TV, HOT WATER

c) (8) STANDARD ROOMS, with a price / Rates: Rp. 450,000 to 1 BED facilities, air conditioning, TV, HOT WATER

d) (7) Ecomonic ROOMS with a price / Rates: Rp. 300,000 with amenities 1 BED, FAN, TV

Note to the issue price at any time can be changed.

5.Hotel Sun Inn Pangandaran << Order Here >>

Hotel Sun Inn is a 3-star hotel in the city of Pangandaran, located approached the East Coast Pangandaran, Sun In Pangandaran Hotel apart from providing equipment to stay the hotel also offers jet ski rentals and banana boat and offers free Wi-Fi in public areas, a an outdoor swimming pool, air-conditioned room, and all rooms come with a cable / satellite TV and a private hotel balcony with a view of the swimming pool water is clear and green seawater luas.selain exists Some rooms are equipped with a minibar and flat-screen TV , Bathrooms are equipped with showers panas.untuk achieve this hotel to take a 15-minute drive from Pangandaran Fish Market and a 30-minute drive from the Green Canyon and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Nusa Wiru Airport.

At Hotel Sun In you will be pampered with berbaga facilities such as Bathroom and Cool and Hot water, air conditioning, TV, and Swimming Pool.Fasilitas complete and spacious bedroom will create and family feel comfortable. Doubel / Single Bed, Cool and Hot water, air conditioning, TV, Swimming Pool.untuk sesuaikai issue price of your stay with the contents of your pockets, the following types of rooms and tariffs

a) Standard Fan for Rp 150,000
b) Standard AC for Rp 250,000
c) Deluxe with tariff Rp 600,000
d) Deluxe Sea View for Rp 688.000
e) Standard for Rp 700,000
f) Superior Sea View for Rp 788,000
g) Family Sea View rate Rp 988.000
h) Extra Bed rate Rp 75,000

6.Hotel Blue Sea Resort Pangandaran << Links Here >>

Blue Sea Hotel is located on Jl. E. Keep the Oceans, Number 46 396 17-18 Pangandaran, West Java-Indonesia.Telp: (0265) 639 360, 639 361, Fax: (0265) 639017.No Telp.08122324883 phone, (022) 91969191.Hotel provide a variety of different facilities recreation, such as swimming pools, tennis courts and beautiful ornamental gardens. The internet service is available for guests who want to be online during their menginap.Seluruh air-conditioned rooms at the Blue Sea Resort is comfortable and fully equipped. Enjoy a cup of hot drink in your room is equipped with tea and coffee supplies free of problems cuma.untuk amenities at this hotel should not be in doubt everything is complete, luxurious and nice of them have facilities for the public such as room service, restaurant, air conditioning, Refrigerator, Cable / Satellite TV, Engineering tea / coffee maker, hair dryer, TV, Shower, in addition to public facilities hotel guests also bebeas to do various kinds of activities such as swimming pool, tennis court, garden, tennis courts (indoor), Jacuzzi , children's pool, outdoor swimming pool

Blue Sea Hotel Pangandaran is a hotel located on the shores of Pangandaran, Hotel Blue Sea Pangandaran has a very strategic location with just 5 meters to the pool Pangandaran Beach, 100 meters to the East Coast Pangandaran, very close to shopping, restaurants, Nature Reserve Pangandaran and nearby the central activities of Pangandaran. 

Room and Hotel Blue Sea Pangandaran:
a) 2 king-size beds.
b) AC and Hot Water
c) LCD TV, Phone, Fridge
d) patio comprehensive
e) The breakfast for 4 persons.

As for the Blue Sea Hotel Amenities Pangandaran:

1. Meeting room / multipurpose room for meetings, conferences, business events or private functions. Equipped with a projector and sound system complete.
2. Swimming pool with Jacuzzi
3. Free WiFi and Karaoke.
4. Points Table Tennis
5. The spacious parking and other ancillary facilities for the convenience of visitors Hotel Blue Sea Pangandaran.

That hotel - hotel 3,4 and 5, located near Pangandaran.selan travel will next star hotels pillowcase List Hotel, Address and Telephone Numbers and penginepan hotel in Pangandaran
  1. Krisna Beach Hotel 2 Jalan Pramuka No. 13-14-15 West Coast Pangandaran -
  2. Hotel Wismawan Road East Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639376
  3. Jalan Wisma Mutiara Hotel Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639030
  4. Hotel Gracia Jalan Wisma Kidang Pananjung -
  5. Hotel Wisma Amariz Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran 085723782265
  6. Hotel Wisma Amariz Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran -
  7. Thistle Hotel Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 630284
  8. Weka Indah Hotel Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639338
  9. Hotel Cyclone Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639019
  10. The Reef Hotel in Jalan Batu Karas Pangandaran -
  11. Hotel Lotus Hotel Jalan Pantai Indah Legok Pari-Batukaras (0265) 7082024
  12. Hotel Teratai Jalan Pantai Indah Batukaras (0265) 633683
  13. Hotel Susan Guest House Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639290
  14. Hotel Surya Pesona Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639428
  15. Hotel Surya Kencana Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630965
  16. Hotel Surya Indah Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639216
  17. Hotel Sunset Road West Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639293
  18. Hotel Sunrise Beach Road East Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639220/221
  19. Hotel Sunrise Anita Street Kidang Pananjung -
  20. Hotel Sun In Pangandaran Pangandaran Pananjung Kidang Way (0265) 639035
  21. Hotel Suligar Jalan Wangi Sumardi Pangandaran (0265) 631203
  22. Hotel Srihana Road Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran -
  23. Hotel Soka Road Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639139
  24. Hotel Sofia Sumardi Jalan Pangandaran (0265) 639329
  25. Hotel Sindang Asih Pangandaran Beach Road East (0265) 639037
  26. Hotel Sinar Rahayu I Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639682
  27. Hotel Sinar Rahayu Group Jalan Pramuka 9 -
  28. Hotel Sinar Rahayu 2 Jalan Sumardi Pangandaran (0265) 631 188
  29. Jalan Sinar Galina Hotel Kalen Crocodile Pangandaran -
  30. Jalan Setia Famili Hotel Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639805
  31. Hotel Serafim Road East Coast Pangandaran -
  32. Hotel Sawargi Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639042
  33. Hotel Saung Azhar Jalan Pramuka No. 503 -
  34. Hotel Sari Puri Alam Jalan Pasar Wisata Pangandaran -
  35. Sari Rasa Sayang Hotel Sea Road Kidang Pananjung (0265) 639094
  36. Rasa Sayang Hotel Sari Laut Pangandaran Pananjung Kidang Road N-
  37. Jalan Harum Sari Pangandaran Nurbaen E. (0265) 639845
  38. Hotel Saputra Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639040
  39. Hotel Sandaan Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639165
  40. Hotel Ocean Road Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639084
  41. Hotel Ocean 2 Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639 394
  42. Hotel Sami Bakti Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639940
  43. Hotel Saluyu Road Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639457
  44. Rental Homes Mang Hotel Jalan Pramuka Eno-Banyu Asin Pangandaran -
  45. Hotel Rose Inn Hotel Jalan Kidang Pananjung (0265) 630700
  46. Tunggal Putri Hotel Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 631565
  47. Jalan Putra Hotel Galuh Kidang Pananjung-Pangandaran -
  48. Heritage Hotel Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639167
  49. Hotel Puri Indah Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 639149
  50. Hotel Pondok Wulan Road-Boulevard-Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 639611
  51. Hotel Pondok Wulan Jalan Bulak Laut, West Coast Pangandaran -
  52. Hotel Sindangsari Jalan Pondok Pangandaran Nurbaen West Coast (0265) 631582
  53. Hotel Pondok Sari Sindang Road E. Nurbaen West Coast Pangandaran -
  54. Hotel Pondok Pangandaran Radhita West Coast Road -
  55. Hotel Pondok Putri in Jalan Batu Karas Pangandaran (0265) 633315
  56. Hotel Nicky Jalan Pondok Pangandaran Kidang Pananjung (0265) 639606
  57. Hotel Pondok Twins Mas 2 Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran -
  58. Jalan Pondok Indah Beach Hotel Pangandaran Pamugaran (0265) 631734
  59. Jalan Pondok Dyant Sumardi No. 9 panati Barat Pangandaran -
  60. Hotel Pondok Pamugaran Ujung Jalan Dewi Tol Pangandaran -
  61. Hotel Pondok Cempaka Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran West Coast -
  62. Hotel Pondok Baru Highway Boulevard West Coast
  63. Jalan Pondok Asri Hotel East Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639212
  64. Hotel Pondok Adens 1 Jalan Kidang Pananjung -
  65. Hotel Rainbow Road E. Nurbaen Pangandaran (0265) 639023
  66. Hotel Parahyangan Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639324
  67. Union Beach Hotel Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639224
  68. Sri Rahayu Hotel Beach Road East Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639682
  69. Sari Beach Hotel Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 639175
  70. Hotel Beach Road Kidang Pananjung Jaya Pangandaran (0265) 639281
  71. Hotel Pantai Indah East Pangandaran Beach Road East (0265) 639004
  72. Hotel Jalan Pantai Indah Barat Pangandaran Pananjung K. (0265) 639006
  73. Hotel Panireman Riversider-Batukaras Heras Street Ramp (022) 7234884
  74. Hotel Pangandaran Beach Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639062
  75. Hotel Pamordian Road East Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639223
  76. Hotel Paluvy Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran -
  77. Hotel Pacific Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639510
  78. Hotel Nyiur Indah I Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639053
  79. Hotel Nyiur Indah 2 Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 639 349
  80. Hotel Nusawiru Guest House 2 Jalan Kidang Pananjung -
  81. Hotel Nusawiru Guest House 1 Jalan Kidang Pananjung -
  82. Nusa Indah Hotel Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 630047
  83. Hotel Nugraha Road E. Nurbaen Pangandaran (0265) 639225
  84. Hotel Norton Homestay Jalan Pramuka -
  85. Hotel South Mutirara Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran (0265) 639416
  86. Hotel Mustika Ratu Buaya Kalen Jalan Pangandaran (0265) 639730
  87. Hotel Mugibis Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639847
  88. Hotel Morris Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639490
  89. Hotel Mini 3 Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639 436
  90. Hotel Mini 2 Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639 298
  91. Sea Towers Hotel Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran West Coast -
  92. Hotel Melia Beach Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639767
  93. Hotel Mekarsari Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639905
  94. Hotel Masakini Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639219
  95. Hotel Self Jalan Bulak Laut Pangandaran -
  96. Hotel Mambo Jalan Pangandaran Jaga Lautan 46 396 -
  97. Hotel Malabar Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639969
  98. Hotel Inn Bandung Jalan Sumardi Pangandaran (0265) 631310
  99. Hotel Blue Sea Road Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639017
  100. Hotel Krishna Beach Hotel Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639100
  101. Twins Hotel Mas Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 630663
  102. Hotel Karnia Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630743
  103. Hotel Karang Sari I Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639842
  104. Hotel Karang Mas Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630470
  105. Hotel Kalbu Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639481
  106. Hotel Jeng Ratu Buaya Kalen Road No. 90 Pangandaran -
  107. Hotel Java Cove in Jalan Batu Karas Pangandaran (0265) 7082020
  108. Hotel Pondok Putri Jalan Pantai Indah-Batukaras 081323085284
  109. Hotel Hi & LOW Ramp Road Heras-Batukaras 081312932663
  110. Jalan Hikmat Jaya Hotel Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639501
  111. Hawaii Hotel Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 631225
  112. Hotel Hanjuang Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 630878
  113. To Bloom Street Hotel Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630958
  114. Grand Mutiara Hotel Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 630693
  115. Hotel Galuh Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639228
  116. Hotel Fortuna Street Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630367
  117. Hotel Firman Jaya Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 630904
  118. Hotel Elhazz 77 Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639 214
  119. Hotel Ambassador Loka Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639096
  120. Jalan Duta Beach Hotel Pangandaran West Coast (0265) 639064
  121. Hotel Indah Jalan Damar Kalen Pangandaran Crocodiles (0265) 639424
  122. Hotel Dalia Indah Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran (0265) 639173
  123. Hotel Crown Street Kidang Pananjung -
  124. Hotel Citra I Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 630822
  125. Hotel Citra 2 Jalan Pramuka Pangandaran (0265) 639 703
  126. Hotel Cikcak House Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran -
  127. Hotel Century Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran, Bulak Laut, Pangandaran (0265) 639171
  128. Hotel Bumi Pananjung Pangandaran Beach Road East (0265) 639358
  129. Hotel Bumi Nusantara Pangandaran Street Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639032
  130. Bungalows Hotel Bulak Laut Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639377
  131. Jalan Budi Kalen Crocodile Hotel Pangandaran -
  132. Bonsai Hotel Bungalows Hotel Jalan Pantai Indah Legok Pari-Batukaras (0265) 7093199
  133. Sea Star Hotel Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639742
  134. Jelita star Hotel West Coast Road Pangandaran (0265) 639297
  135. Galuh star Hotel Jalan Pantai Barat Pangandaran -
  136. Hotel Berdikari I Kalen Jalan Pangandaran Crocodiles (0265) 639301
  137. Hotel Berdikari 2 Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639 813
  138. Sunrise Batu Karas Hotel Jalan Pantai Indah-Batukaras (0265) 7029129
  139. Hotel Banyu Biru Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 631567
  140. Hotel Banyu Asih Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639977
  141. Hotel Balebat Jalan Pangandaran Kalen Crocodiles (0265) 639745
  142. Sumardi Jalan Jaya Hotel Pangandaran Ark (0265) 639245
  143. Jalan Bahagia Hotel Kidang Pananjung Pangandaran (0265) 639170
  144. Hotel Badeto Queen Street West Coast Pangandaran (0265) 639024
  145. Aquarium Hotel Pangandaran West Coast Road (0265) 639088
  146. Jalan Alam Jaya Hotel Pangandaran West Coast (0265) 630720
  147. Hotel Adem Ayem Pangandaran Beach Road East (0265) 639021

after membanca star hotels in Pangandaran I suggest read

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